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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Confessions of a ribbon addict

So, my ribbon was out of control.  Organized, but taking up way too much room.  I decided that they just took up a lot of wasted space with the cardboard spools they come on. I emptied over 100 spools of ribbon, 3 drawers and 2 large craft storage jars that contained ribbon that was purchased by the yard.  The round tab punch spools are in floss keeper 3 ring binder sleeves that I chopped in half and cut off the 3 ring binder part.  They came in a package of 3 protectors with 20 pockets per sheet from Joanne's.  I now have 120 little spools stored in them and can see what I have at a glance, no more dumping out a whole jar full to find what I need.  The spool ribbon was rewound on ribbon cards that are 4" x 6" and are made by Cropper Hopper. They come 10 per pack and were $2.99 Awesome deal considering how much ribbon you can get on each one and even better when you have a 40% off coupon!  There is a slit in the middle to put the end of the ribbon in and I used straight pins to secure the loose end.  They do sell plastic clips for this purpose, but I chose the cheaper route and I think the straight pins hold the ribbon in place better anyway.  These will all fit on the bottom tier of my clip it up as shown in the last photo.  I still have 2 drawers of spooled ribbon(mostly SU! that held 15-25 yds each and take up most of the spool, not just a yard or 2 on a big spool with air in the center) and 2 drawers with floss binders that hold my small scraps and fibers.  On that note, I am off on a road trip to my friend Juliana's new home to help her unpack her stamp room and get organized after their recent move.  Check back for more space saving tips, I am thinking of bringing you a storage solution each Wednesday.  (if I remember - HA!)

Here are some of the spools I emptied, the 1st batch was already out in the garbage and I wasn't digging them out.

Ribbon Storage _SaK 001

A ton of my pretties all neatly organized.

Ribbon Storage _SaK 002

Here's one of the Cropper Hopper cards.  They are heavy duty plastic.  I ended up stapeling 2 end to

end to make use of the hanging room on my Clip it up. 

Ribbon Storage_sak 002

Floss sleeves containing 120 spools of loose ribbon I had:

Ribbon Storage _SaK 003

Waiting for my Clip it Up to arrive.  The Cropper Hopper cards all fit nicely in a Longaberger Notions Basket.

Ribbon Storage _SaK 004

I still have 132 spools of ribbon(yep, I counted) in these 2 drawers because most contain 25 yards which

is more than I was willing to rewind onto the ribbon cards.

Ribbon Storage_sak 001

Here's a shot of the floss binders that I leave in the iris cart drawers open faced.  There is a photo of

2 in the drawer, 1 on end and one closed.  The zip baggies in the binders are 3 1/2" x 5" and perfect

for ribbon scraps and fibers.

Ribbon Storage_sak

And finally, here's the Clip it Up holding my ribbon, stickers, rub on's, grungeboard

and more.  My top tier was on backorder but is in transit now.  I am not sure what

will go on that level, but I am sure I will have no problem filling it up.  


Here is the  clip it up with the top tier add on in place.  The bottom unit comes with 80 clips and the

top one with 40.  I have about 10 empty clips left and ready to add some things.  I will show you close

up's of some of the plastic storage containers and their contents another day.




  1. It's awesome tidying, but can I suggest you have more ribbon than can be used in ten lifetimes :-)

  2. Shelly is there any ribbon that you don't own??? love how you organized it all.

  3. I'll bet that your DH wishes he owned stock in a ribbon company! Great job of organizing.

  4. Holy smokies, that is a lot of ribbon missy... Glad it is all organized now. Stacy

  5. Wow - no wonder all your cards have such awesome ribbon on them! You have a ton!!! Great organization - I loved seeing the pics!

  6. Awesome organizing Shelly! Aren't those cropper hopper holders the best?? That is how I do my ribbon too! Super deal!! Love the pictures!!

  7. Wow what a wack of ribbon. I plan on saving this to show to my DH when he `mentions`that I already have that color of ribbon.

  8. Shelly, I've GOT to link your post to my blog. As a professional organizer, I'm totally impressed with the amount of space you saved as well as how accessible your ribbon is now. At a glance you know what you have and can find what you need!

  9. For some reason the link didn't work to my blog, but I've now posted a blog about your ribbon organizing! Hopefully the link will work this time, so you can see my plug for your blog. :-)

  10. That is awesome. I really like it. Mine is taking up too much space too, I just need to find a surface to put another stand where the kids won't destroy it. lol.


  11. Wow Shelly! You have me beat! LOL!

  12. About the ribbon! I hear your pain and love what you did with a lot of it. Mine is in 4 big drawers by the spool and color. You have a lot of energy. Smile.

  13. oh sooo much ribbon I love it i love it I love it! I don't have such great ribbons but I want!:) I have to visit your house when you will be away;)

  14. and here i thought i had a lot of ribbon...golly girl!!! hey i think i noticed something you don't have, or else you haven't gotten around to showing it SU color wheel. i am so bad at matching the SU colors, now i can't live with out it. i even use it for other products, by holding my colors up to it under an ott light! otherwise the only color combos i'm any good at are neutrals and greens! can't wait to see more tips you have, 'cause i'm in the middle of reorganization of my studio. thanks for the pictures!

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