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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Holy Cow! An Award?

I was so surprised when I received this award from Stamp Talk with Tosh
Thanks Tosh, what an honor. I know that Tosha is relatively new to blogging and I am too. So, this just tickled me. Now it's my turn to tag a few, be sure to visit their blogs and check out how awesome they are. Here goes:
Juliana/Stampin with inky fingers
Becky/Wooden Shoe Stamping
Holly/Toyz Haven
Debi/Debi's Crazy Life
Linsey/Outside the Lines
Silvia/Mabie Stampin
Danielle/Wild Dragonfly Designs
Gabriela/Confessions of a Stamper
Sencie/Serving the King
Jen/Just a little bit of me.


  1. You are a sweetie for sure!!
    Thanks Friend!
    I will tag a few tomorrow!!

  2. Awww Shelly! Thanks so much! You are so sweet!! How off to tag a few! ;)

  3. P.S. I'm returning the favor! Check out my blog! :D

  4. Thanks Shelly!!! I added the award to my blog and a surprise for you too.

  5. Are there tagbacks? LOL Thanks Shelly.. I'll do some tagging (I don't know 10 people that blog, though!).. so it might be a smaller award ceremony over at my pad. :D Hope that's ok!

    Thanks again!

  6. oh, how fun and exciting! You know how I feel about you, so this is actually quite an like me, you really like me! snort! I have a few of my own to award (including you, but someone else got to ya first)! Thanks so much, Shelly! ~hugs~

  7. Shelly, how nice of you!! What a nice surprise and lovely comments on my blog..thank you so much!!

  8. Holy cow, Shelly! I'm honored to be on your list! Thanks so much. :)

  9. How sweet of you!!!! : )
    I'll have to tag a few people tomorrow!


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