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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Make it work Wednesday #2

I am starting a new category on Wednesdays called Make it work Wednesday. First off for those Project Runway fans, you will recognize the phrase "make it work" as a favorite Tim Gunn line. (new Project Runway season starts next Wednesday on Bravo) My take on it is to get you organized in your stamping/crafting space. What works for me will not work for everybody as our work areas and supplies vary. My hope is to inspire you to find a system that that is not only organized but easy to use. One of the biggest challenges for many is how to store scraps. After trying many different systems, I settled upon this solution and am happy to say that I have been using it for 7 or 8 years. I would say that it is a proven system that works. The hanging file unit is widely available at Box stores such as WalMart or KMart and is under $10 I believe. It comes with a few hanging folders and index tabs. Mine is dedicated to my SU! cardstock scraps and houses the 48 colors/3 per folder/16 total. This system works really well for me because I always look in my scrap folders before cutting into a full sheet of CS. 1/4 sheet or smaller gets filed in this system. I can also file away scraps after completing a project quickly and with one hand if necessary. If you take the couple minutes to clean up each time, you won't be faced with a giant mess when you go to start a new project. My full sheets of CS and pieces over 1/4 sheet are housed in hanging files in my roll top desk. Neutrals, watercolor paper, parchment, vellum and glossy are in a media sorter on top of the desk. I keep scraps for each neutral color in SU! clear stamp boxes with each color. I hope this inspires you to find a system that works for you. Even if you spend 10 minutes a week organizing or putting some things away, you will make a difference and hopefully be inspired to dig in deeper. Let me know what you think, what your problem areas are, etc. and I'll try to inspire you. Stay tuned for another storage tip next Wednesday. And remember, Make it Work!

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Media sorter holds neutral cardstock, scraps, patterns & templates, inspiration cards and more.


There are 2 file drawers in my desk that hold my 8 1/2" x 11" SU! CS.



  1. I like the way you did neutrals! I may have to try something like that!

    You asked for problem areas???
    Patterned Paper Scrap storage.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration, I have been thinking of doing somethin just like that. I just need to find the time. lol.


  3. I agree with Julesie -- what to do with all that DP that has a gazillion colors~

    I do my SU scraps like you, but mine are in hanging folders in a rolling cart that goes in my closet!

  4. shelly, this is marvelous! You're so organized, it's discusting, lol! Just kidding, actually, it's quite inspiring and makes me feel motivated to get organized myself. I LOVE your new blog look! Awesome banner! You are just the greatest, buddy! Hugs for a happy day!

  5. One whole side of my craft room is drawers full of paper. You are amazing.


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