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Monday, September 22, 2008

Distress Acrylic Resist Tutorial

I am back from Chicago and totally beat. Working with Bad Sherry and Meg/Waxyo was a pleasure. Mr. Rubbernecker/Dave is always a delight to be with and Mrs. Rubbernecker/Pat is as well. I got back to Michigan with the Rubbernecker's at about 1 AM this morning. Is it naptime yet? I wanted to create a tutorial of the demo I did at the Rubberstamp Expo before going up for a nap, so here it is. I would call the technique Distress Acrylic Resist. The first sample was created using 2 colors of distress inks, 1 color in an Adirondack Paint Dabber and Stazon Black. Ready?

DemoAcrylic Distress Resist_SaK 011

Here are the supplies you will need:

DemoAcrylic Distress Resist_SaK 003

Using the applicator handle and an Ink Blending Foam pad, work Dried Marigold ink into a shipping tag.

DemoAcrylic Distress Resist_SaK 004

Stamp a bold image in a darker color ink over the inked tag in Aged Mahogany.

DemoAcrylic Distress Resist_SaK 005

Ink a bolder background image that has some open areas with versamark and emboss with clear EP.

DemoAcrylic Distress Resist_SaK 006

Sorry about the blurry photo. Cover the entire tag with a thick coating of Adirondack Espresso acrylic paint.

DemoAcrylic Distress Resist_SaK 007

Wipe off acrylic paint with a soft towel or cloth.

DemoAcrylic Distress Resist_SaK 008

Using the same blending foam inked with dried marigold to "buff" the tag. I have done the top 2/3

of the tag to show you the difference this step makes. The flowers really "pop" with this step.

DemoAcrylic Distress Resist_SaK 009

Stamp some words or other images in black using a solvent based ink on the tag.

Using a new Blending Foam Pad, ink the edges of the tag w/ Stazon Jet Black to frame the tag in.

DemoAcrylic Distress Resist_SaK 010

All images and supplies available from Rubbernecker Stamp Co.

Stamps include: KK Originals Floral Set, Stamp Oasis Nouveau Background & Hear Music Text

Inks: Distress Dried Marigold & Aged Mahogany. Versafine, Stazon Jet Black

Shipping Tag

Accessories: Clear EP, Blending Foam, Applicator Tool, Heat Gun, Craft Mat, Tim Holtz Accessories,

Assorted Ribbons and Fibers

DemoAcrylic Distress Resist_SaK 002

The Blue tag uses the same technique and supplies, but I only used one color of distress ink/Faded Jeans for the sponging on the tag,

Stazon black for the flowers and Adirondack Mushroom paint dabber over the clear embossing. OK, it's naptime!


  1. These are gorgeous! Glad you had a good time!!

  2. WOW, Shelly! This is amazing! Love the tutorial!! Glad to here you are home safe and that you had a great time!

  3. Great tutorial Shelly. Now I have to try this one!

  4. A really awesome technique, Shelly, with wondeful results. TFS and hope you got some rest! Funny how fun can keep you going.

  5. Beautiful! I love the blue on the most Shelly. Wonderful job.

  6. THis is fantastic--thanks for breaking it down for me!!! (well, not for ME--but you get the picture)

    I LOVE both color combos!!! HOT and Coooool!
    I NEED to try this!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous ... thanks for the great explanation.

  8. WOWZERS!! These are both so beautiful.. absolutely stunning work, Shelly. And a wonderful tutorial, too.

  9. Oh my!
    I definitely want to give this a whirl! Lovin' your tags for sure!


  10. Gorgeous Shelly as always!!

  11. Shelly, that is just gorgeous! That Aged Mahogany is a gorgeous color!

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